We embrace modernity but feel also comfortable with eclectic or outdated trends, and the blending of styles, materials, colors and lighting. We like the avant-garde when it helps us design livable, enjoyable spaces. We avoid monotony, although sometimes we have exaggerated the subtleties of monochromatic decorations. We have learnt that good and bad taste are very precarious concepts, even boring, to define our affinities and rejections. The ultrachic satisfies other criteria.

    We try to imagine a hidden story for each project, sometimes for each room; these narratives may remain undiscovered but they help others weave their own. We tell them with our own vocabulary and we love references, which we repeat at the risk of being too obvious. We enjoy what we do and consider our workplace to be a lab where, with the help of our craftsmen, we will always experiment with a very wide range of materials.