Interiors are permanently changing and it would be senseless to conceive them otherwise. Objects, matter and colors vibrate, deteriorate or cease to interest us. There remains only our desire to bring about the conditions for a particular event to occur, a space conceived in such a way that should give us pleasure or containment, and make us feel, even if for a fleeting instant, that we have reached a place where we shall want to stay.

    But this will also prove to be an illusion and we must humbly recognize that we lend our inspiration to the discipline which deals, as life itself, with that which is transient and intangible. The poetry inside each object, its infinite connections with other objects and the incessant evocations this interaction brings out in us are all phenomena we may initiate but will largely transcend us. The only lasting mark that remains is our aspiration that quality and refinement will help us to acknowledge, day after day, the value and permanence of the created object.