August 12, 2015 · Corporate


    We tackled the complete renovation of this old institutional building by emptying it and enlarging its interior space. The Hall of Representatives remained in its original central site but its ceiling was raised by a few meters, the traces of its previous rectangular floor were erased and the new oval shaped floor was oriented cross wise to the big hall. As a result the dramatic aspect of the empty space was enhanced. As the hall was isolated from the outer space, windows were opened on all floors to allow for natural light from the perimeter corridors to come in. Also, backlit panels passing as windows were opened on the side walls. 

    The lighting project subtly emphasizes the interior architecture and, high above, a nine meter long specially designed oval lighting fixture provides the zenithal light needed for the sessions. The design of the wall cladding respects the acoustic constraints of the project by using big wooden strips in different colors and textures to go with the sound absorption joints. Textured wood and big leather panels in matching hues, and only the carpets add a touch of bright color.