August 12, 2015 · Hospitality


    La Mansion, the former Alzaga Unzué Palace, was built circa 1915 in the strict French classical tradition and restored to become the flagship of this international hotel. The design project included halls for events and “signature” suites. Although the total surface does not exceed a thousand square meters, the job was extremely complex and very challenging due to budget limitations. In Piano Nobile the valuable stuccos, the polished gold-plated facings, the carved cedar wood panels and Italian marble coatings were recovered and restored. The ceilings of the four main halls exhibit trompe l´oeil paintings, commanded to artist Carlos Azulay, allegorical of the four seasons. For the design of the grand suites we resorted to the spiritual guidance of Visconti´s films with subject matters of the 19th century. Therefore one suite is reminiscent of the French post rococo style, another one of the Italian neoclassical style of the Risorgimento and others have a combination of different styles in order to rescue part of the furniture of the building´s heritage collection.