August 12, 2015 · Current


    The objective of the project was to modernize and add value to this jewel of the Hispanic architecture, a very fashionable style in Latin America in the early 20th century. It was then, and still is, the meeting place of the Lima high society and business community, a venue of multiple events, a very crowded bar, a restaurant recommended in gastronomic guides. All these issues had to be taken into account when facing the challenge of updating the place without betraying its roots. For all the public spaces the idea was to reinforce an image of elegance and exclusiveness, with due respect for Lima´s restrained chic, we focused on textiles, carpets and rugs, dark wood, the recycling of the furniture, the accessories and other objects of patrimonial value.  In rooms and suites both technical installations and overall style were updated, new furniture brought in and the perception of space modified through diffuse lighting coves on perimeter walls. Dark wood on light-colored textiles and muted shades, chenille and silk textures.  Bright colors on a chair, a cushion or an accessory.