August 12, 2015 · Current


    On the premises of a stud farm for polo horses, several buildings make up the largest venue for social events located in the country club belt of the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires. Inspiration for the project was drawn from the surrounding landscape, the lifestyle in the pampa countryside, polo games, horses, each space displaying a  narrative in line with its function. The conceptual design was based on the idea that a big party was going to be held, with many references to celebrities and mythical characters, cosmopolitan in spirit but with a local sophisticated mark, very discreet. We had fun imagining it. Each building has its own character and each space a particular atmosphere. In one of the buildings the protagonist is rustic wood, in another one bright colored textiles and in a third one the amount of copper plated accessories, which includes the big sculpture “Los Cobres” by artist Flori Sutton and her team, representing a tree top with copper leaves that cover the center of the bar. The lighting was designed to highlight the texture of the surfaces, as if it emerged from the object itself. The accessories, found in antiques shops and bric à bracs from London or Paris, belong to different periods and tendencies but have one thing in common: their excellent design.